Ready to Launch

Internships are not only a crucial means for college students to develop their professional flair, but they also act as a launchpad into the workforce.

Just ask Sarah Jerez ’17 (above left) and Teresita Becerra ’17 (above right), both of whom were hired by the companies for which they interned as Alverno students.

In just a few years, Jerez has managed to go from being a corporate communications intern at Johnson Controls to a community involvement and engagement specialist. Similarly, Becerra has worked her way from being an accounting intern at Fiserv to a senior financial analyst.

Both women credit Alverno’s emphasis on the 8 Abilities and having hands-on experience for allowing them to develop the courage to take on new opportunities in their college careers as well as in their professional and personal lives.

“I would say first and foremost [the most important thing] is the courage that I learned, and I learned it real hard and real fast right away at Alverno,” Jerez says.

Despite being first-year students, Jerez and a fellow Alverno sister decided to attend an Alverno career fair. Whilst trying to motivate her peer to talk to a company representative, Jerez turned to the first company she saw and laid her future career plans on the table. Her tenacity helped her discover a sales and marketing internship that was available at Focus Training. Jerez applied, interviewed, and – to her surprise – landed the position. Eventually, her career path led her to an internship at Johnson Controls, which later opened the door for a full-time role before graduation.

During Becerra’s sophomore year, she began to understand the importance of making the right connections and having courage. While working toward earning her accounting degree, a professor recognized her natural ability. Because of his recommendation and personal connection to Fiserv, Becerra was able to connect with the hiring manager and procure the accounting internship.

“I definitely see a lot of what I learned at Alverno with the 8 Abilities, and am still applying at my current job and in my personal life as well,” Becerra says.

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