Hands-On Learning

At Alverno, learning is an action verb. Students apply what they learn in the classroom and enrich their classroom learning with what they’ve done and discovered in the real world. Just ask these students, whose summer internships not only gave them valuable professional experience but also helped them get ready to make a positive impact on the world.

True, class of 2020, art therapy

Art therapy intern at Froedtert Hospital

“This opportunity has given me a glimpse into what it will be like working in a hospital setting as an art therapist. I have learned in this position what is expected of me, and this internship has only fueled my passion for the field. Practicing my facilitation skills with these patients has helped me to grow as a leader and a professional within my discipline.”

Alejandra, class of 2020, business and management

Market insights and analysis intern at Briggs & Stratton

“The skills I use in my current position are extensions of what I have learned and practiced at Alverno. I’m excited to take those and continue to refine them in the future!”

Ashley, class of 2019, communication

Intern at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center

“I am most proud of the promotional Summer Youth Theatre video I created. I conducted interviews, filmed, edited, and recorded narrations for the entire thing. I am extremely pleased by how well and polished it turned out and I won’t hesitate to share it with family and friends.”

Michelle, class of 2019, global studies and international affairs

Intern at Catholic Charities of Milwaukee

“I am most proud of being able to use my bilingual skills in a professional setting. The most memorable moment was when I finished translating affidavits and I had to sign my name at the bottom, indicating my translations were accurate and valid.”

Brianna, class of 2019, psychology

Intern at Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center

“Interning at Walker’s Point has prepared me for my future career in several ways. I plan to become a school counselor, so working with youth has allowed me to not only learn how to build and maintain solid relationships with youth ranging from ages 11-17, but I have also gained leadership skills that will be beneficial as I enter into my career.”

Sarah, class of 2019, psychology

Intern at Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

“Once I graduate and go into my field, I know I’ll have the knowledge and confidence I need to help others. This internship has been such a blessing because not only am I learning more about the population I want to work with, but I’m learning more about myself and what I’m capable of doing and providing for others.”

Maria, class of 2020, business and management

Operations support intern, Voces de la Frontera

“My work is part of a greater picture – the fight for immigrant rights – and I’m glad I was able to assist with the operational tasks to help with the mission while I gained more experience for my career development.”

Marissa, class of 2019, sociology

Intern at Can You Dig It? Volleyball Summer Camp

“I hope to work with kids within the foster care system, and this internship is helping me establish a mentor-type personality with the kids. It also puts a perspective on how to interact with kids at different age levels.”

Hannah, class of 2019, business and management

HR business intern, Stein’s Garden Centers Inc.

“I was offered a position to stay on with the company after my internship ends in August. I will do a part-time transition role during my last semester at Alverno, and by the time I graduate, I will be employed by Stein’s Garden Centers Inc. full-time as a merchandise assistant to a buyer. I couldn’t be more excited, proud and grateful for everything I have reaped from this internship.”

To learn more about internship opportunities available to Alverno students, visit the Alverno Career Studio.

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