Alum Weekend

Words of Wisdom

Alverno graduates know that going to college here is so much more than earning a degree. But how to quantify the ways in which an Alverno education transforms lives? At the 2018 Alum Teach & Learn Weekend, a diverse group of alumnae take on this question. Here’s a sampling of what alumnae shared last year in interviews with Alverno students.

Dr. Vivien De Back ’54

“It didn’t occur to me until I was at Alverno that being a nurse is much more than doing something for someone. It’s understanding the environment around this person that makes them who they are. It’s understanding the community and the impact it’s having on the health of the person I’m dealing with. Alverno gave me such a broader perspective on my role in the world and in my job.”

Mary Flister ’67

“The value of my education here was that learning didn’t stop when I left.”

Tiffany Barta ’03

“Self-assessment has helped me throughout my career, especially the 8 Abilities. Employers are looking at competencies, so Alverno students are way ahead of the game because you’re already engrossed in those competencies. Most students probably aren’t looking for the 8 Abilities as a top priority, but it’s those abilities that will set you apart.”

Katrina Goetz ’05

“Alverno taught me the importance of global perspective and community involvement. I now work for an international company. We do business all over the world, so it really helps when we’re looking at a new market not just to look at how the product will integrate into that market but also to look at how the culture will accept it and some of the challenges that may exist.”

Bridget Hirthe ’12

“My most memorable experience was my participation with Circle K, which is the Kiwanis college-level group. I’m now most proud of the commitment I have to the community. That goes professionally and personally. I’m really committed to working within the Milwaukee area and working with an organization that assists people directly.”

Chantia Lewis ’14

“There’s an adage frequently spoken of at Alverno: ‘If you train a man, you train a man. If you train a woman, you train a village.’ I kept that in the forefront in my mind. The things I was learning at Alverno were things I could pour into the community. I knew I could not give up because it was bigger than me.”

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