Training the Teachers of Tomorrow

Carrie Perock ’91 loved her time as an elementary classroom teacher. Now, she especially loves being able to train the next generation of classroom teachers.

“Every student I guide through this program and their career path go out and influence a whole new classroom of students year after year,” says Perock, the lead instructor in Waukesha County Technical College’s (WCTC) Foundations of Teacher Education.

Perock’s students earn an associate degree that allows them to work as paraprofessionals in elementary, middle and high schools. Many of them transfer into Alverno’s paraprofessional to teacher licensure program, which allows them to continue working as a paraprofessional while earning their bachelor’s degree in education.

Not only does this partnership contribute to a statewide goal to address a shortage of qualified teachers, but it also serves a desire to ensure the teacher workforce is representative of their students.

“Being a two-year technical school, sometimes our student body is nontraditional. We guide them and help them grow so they’re ready to transfer after two years,” she says. “The hunger and the desire for these students to make a difference really is inspiring. These are some of the students we need in the schools right now teaching.”

Perock says WCTC students who transfer to Alverno are set up for success. The Foundations of Teacher Education program incorporates performance assessments, experiential learning, provides comprehensive feedback in addition to letter grades, and allows students to transfer all of their WCTC credits.

“When they transfer to Alverno, it’s a smooth transition,” she says.

Alverno’s paraprofessional to teacher program allows practicing paraprofessionals to earn a bachelor’s degree in just two years. Click here to learn more about our hybrid program, and register for our virtual info session on April 20, 2022.

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