How I Got Ready: Wendy’s Story

As a nursing student at large public university, Wendy Vue felt like just a number – until she transferred to Alverno.

“Before, there were 200 students in large lectures. I love the small classes at Alverno. We’re able to learn more and go at our own pace,” she says. “My old instructors didn’t personally talk to students. At Alverno, the teachers are actually there for us and they help us.”

When Vue transferred to Alverno to continue her nursing education, she left behind an environment that pitted students against each other. Here, she found a supportive community that empowers her learning without the competition.

“It was so competitive at my prior school. You had to apply for clinicals, and many people were waitlisted,” Vue explains. “I decided to transfer to Alverno because it had direct placement in clinicals, and they helped us find our placements.”

As a future nurse, Vue, who expects to graduate this year, needs to be able to communicate with patients, families, doctors and nursing colleagues. Thanks to Alverno, she knows she’ll be ready.

“Alverno’s 8 Abilities, especially the social interaction and communication abilities, have helped me to come out of my shell. I feel more confident as a speaker,” she says. “All of the Abilities are the core values you need to be successful in life.”

For Vue, nursing isn’t just a job. It’s a career and a calling.

“With everything going on in the world right now, it wants to make me be a nurse even more. We’re really, really needed in this world and we will always be needed,” she says. “I know I can make an impact on someone’s life.”

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