How I Got Ready: Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie Becerra always dreamed of an arts career. Alverno is helping her make it a reality.

“Alverno’s small community allowed me to hone personal skills through the small classes, collaboration, and one-on-one homework time with professors,” she says. “Being an art major at Alverno College has taught me to be more open minded. It has offered me the space to explore new forms of media and take upon challenges that I never would have done myself because of the lack of confidence.”

Becerra, who expects to graduate this December, interned at Alverno’s Art & Cultures Gallery in the spring. She gained hands-on experience related to her career goals. After the internship ended, she was offered a student worker position and has been working in the gallery since.

“Having the opportunity to work at Alverno’s art gallery was fun! I was able to connect with members of the community, including artists,” she says. “I gained knowledge on how a gallery is ran, how to properly frame pieces, and properly design gallery for specific shows.”

The relationships and experiences she acquired during her internship, helped her take a step closer toward achieving her career goal of one day operating an art gallery of her own or being a museum director.

“I know it can be hard to attain either of my career goals, but my close relationship with the director of the art gallery at Alverno has inspired me so much,” Becerra says. “Working closely with her has given me knowledge and guidance on pathways to my goal.”

She also hopes to take everything she has learned at Alverno and give back to her community by providing space and resources for other youth and young adults to display their work as a form of expression.

“While I do plan on pursuing higher education, I have decided to take a year after graduation to work with my community back in Chicago and give back to the youth some of what I learned at Alverno,” she says.

Her goals will likely require further education, but she is in no hurry. She is confident in the education she has received at Alverno.

“My mom wasn’t very fond of my choice of career. She always said: How was I supposed to get a job with a degree in art? However, my career at Alverno has changed her perspective,” Becerra explains. “I have created a passion for other things that gave me a broader spectrum to get me a job. Alverno, in particular, has helped me discover new passions, skills, and potential in me that give me more possibilities.”

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