How I Got Ready: Lisa’s Story

Lisa Heidelmeier, a business and management major, interned at financial services firm Robert W. Baird & Co. this summer. One of her most memorable internship experiences involved Milwaukee’s famous Hoan Bridge.

“In celebration of National Intern Day, Baird participated in a light show competition with Light the Hoan to develop light shows that reflect the company’s brand and culture,” she says. “The 37 Baird interns were put into groups and each group created a light show. We then voted to choose a winner, and my group won. We represented the company in the larger competition. We won against Northwestern Mutual but lost to Direct Supply.”

A new mindset

“I started my college career at a public school and then transferred to Alverno. I immediately felt the difference. I was an average student before coming to Alverno, but when I came here, I realized I actually like school. I was shocked to see the phenomenal feedback I received from my professors at Alverno.”

Connecting the 8 Abilities

“Alverno gave me the opportunity to show my skills and what I know rather than being tested on them, and that’s what has made a difference in my career. It boosted my confidence to know how to do things. Alverno’s curriculum prepares you to be successful and communicate effectively.”

Why Alverno?

Laura Heidelmeier MSN ’17, Lisa’s mother, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who earned her master’s degree in nursing from Alverno. But Lisa has found her own home here. “From the moment I toured Alverno, I liked it. Everyone was friendly. There wasn’t a sense of not belonging or being an outcast.”

Paying it forward

After graduation, Lisa may pursue an MBA or follow in her mother’s footsteps with an MSN. Either way, her end goal is to bring a mental health crisis center to Walworth County, which she says doesn’t have these services close by.

“When my mom was going back to school for her masters and specializing in mental health, it opened my eyes. Because I see the need and I have a huge passion for mental health, it is a dream of mine to offer those resources for the community I grew up in.”

This article appears in the winter 2022 issue of Alverno Magazine.

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