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How I Got Ready: Madai’s Story

Alverno’s hands-on learning experience helped Madai Romero choose marketing as her career path.  

“It was my first marketing job, and I have found out that I really like doing social media, posters, flyers, advertising, and designing in general,” says Romero of her spring internship at the Latino Chamber of Commerce.  

At Alverno, internships are seen as a continuation of the learning that takes place on campus and are integrated into the curriculum.  

Romero recognizes that Alverno’s unique abilities-based curriculum helped get her ready for the real world. As a native Spanish speaker, communicating in English has not always been easy, but she says Alverno has taught her to be a strong communicator.  

“I have grown to be more extroverted in a work environment and being confident when expressing myself,” she says “I can also say that I have improved my communication skills, especially when interacting with a diverse group.” 

Interning at the Latino Chamber of Commerce showed Romero that she wanted to work for organizations that are driven to serve their communities.  

“My work is driven by service to the community. If I don’t feel it’s serving my community, I’m not fulfilled. I need to know I’m promoting services that are helping people,” she explains. “My biggest goal with marketing is to support the community and make sure the Latinx community is aware of all the services and programs for them.” 

Romero, who is graduating from Alverno this May, knows she is ready for what’s next. In fact, she was hired before graduation as a marketing coordinator for La Casa de Esperanza.  

“My internship has provided me with the space to grow as a professional and individual and prepared me for my next steps in my career,” says Romero. 

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