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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you know firsthand just how powerful an Alverno education is. It builds confidence, teaches students how to learn, opens new doors, ignites growth and instills the vital skills that are necessary for success.

Turns out, employers also understand the power of an Alverno education. They’re hiring our students long before graduation because they know these women are ready to make their mark. Meet just some of the many Alverno students who are hired before graduation (view more of our hired grads via our Facebook album.)

Hannah Cobb
Class of December 2019
Major: Business and management
Job: Merchandise assistant at Stein’s Garden Centers

“I had developed not only a familiarity with the company and its functions, but through the initiatives I was involved in and the talks I had with my mentor, I have truly developed a belief in the Stein’s mission, vision and values. I felt welcomed, appreciated and respected. This was my job, because I felt it my duty, my obligation, to contribute to a company I was so passionate about.”

Alejandra Gonzalez
Class of May 2020
Major: Global studies and international affairs
Job: Lead youth organizer at Voces de la Frontera

“I had a salaried job with benefits before my senior year started. It really is amazing. That’s what you get here at Alverno. You get actual experience that you can apply to your job.”

Teresa Lightfoot
Class of December 2019
Major: Integrated studies (psychology and English)
Job: Backup youth and family specialist at Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center

“We serve kids who may have run away from home or been kicked out. The biggest impact I can have is letting them know that they’re not alone. We’re there to support each other. There’s a lot of working in small groups, just like at Alverno. My experience and the 8 Abilities give me confidence to do my job.”

Nancy Sanchez
Class of December 2019
Major: Management accounting
Job: Commercial banking analyst at JPMorgan Chase

“Alverno prepared me to be a successful professional by allowing me to ask questions to really understand the ‘why’ behind things. I also enjoyed attending networking events in which I was able to connect with different kinds of professionals around the city.”

Laura Sierra
Class of December 2019
Major: Management accounting
Job: Audit associate at KPMG

“When I was an intern, I’ve noticed that most students are concerned about having the work experience and technical skills. However, there is a higher demand for people who have a global mindset, are capable of communicating effectively and are open-minded to new strategies for workflow efficiency. Whether social, personal or professional, the 8 Abilities have transformed me into the woman I dreamt I could be.”

This article appears in the fall/winter 2019 issue of Alverno Magazine.

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