From the President: Winter 2022

Dear Alverno friends,

As I write, I know most of us are traveling or looking forward to a time of grace, celebration and wonderful meals, made more so by sharing them with people we love. That alone brings thoughts of gratitude and joy for the many blessings we experience, even during these challenging times.

Still, it has been impossible to ignore that these have been difficult days and weeks in Wisconsin as tragedy, tension and turmoil surround us in our local communities and in the news each day. And we continue to confront the reality that COVID-19 has not disappeared or been brought fully under control. All of it reminds me again and again how important the work we do at Alverno is — preparing competent, ethical and compassionate leaders, especially women — for a world that needs them desperately.

So, we can most assuredly drink from overflowing fountains of gratitude — first for our faculty and staff whose work brings the Alverno mission to life every day; and for our students, from the first-semester undergraduates all the way to the “nearing dissertation completion” doctors of nursing and education. They understand early on that their study and labor has a reason and purpose that extends far beyond what they can possibly understand at this time in this place. Gratitude as well to our benefactors whose generosity puts flesh and bones on our most compelling aspirations, and to our alumnae who, through their work and presence in so many diverse spheres, reveal in vibrant color and texture the deepest meaning of Alverno Strong. And abundant gratitude for those who quietly go “way above and beyond,” whether to set up a meeting or conference for guests; contribute to essential conversations about the marketing of a new academic program; make an instructional accommodation for a student who needs it; or takes the time to make that tiny human gesture to a colleague who needs affirmation and encouragement.

We see this unique Alverno reality expressed in so many diverse ways — through the magnificent senior recitals of gifted musicians; to social work interns moving ever deeper into a city that needs their compassionate and courageous presence; to volleyball players and their coach who bring their best to every game, notwithstanding injuries and a depleted roster.

We see it in experienced senior members of the faculty and staff who never ignore the need to invent and design anew for new times and new needs. We experience it as well in younger or newer staff and faculty who approach their work — in the Career Studio; in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts; in the Athletic Department; in our new Greenhouse; in the classroom; in the Advancement office — with amazing energy, creativity and laser focus on mission and purpose.

I am grateful for all of them and for all of it, including for those whose work is less visible, yet no less essential to creating the dynamic and ever-evolving Alverno experience.

May these days ahead bring you peace, joy, light and good energy. We are so grateful that you are part of this wonderful Alverno College community.

This article appears in the winter 2022 issue of Alverno Magazine.

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