Proud to be First

Many Alverno students and alums have achieved an important milestone: They are the first in their families to attend and graduate from college.

In fact, 74% of this year’s new undergraduate class are the first in their family to attend college.

We’re proud to #CelebrateFirstGen and support the achievements of our first-gen students and alums.

“Being a first-generation college student is a title I am proud of. I’m receiving this degree not just with my name on it, but my parents as well. This degree is a thank you because they risked it all to provide me with everything. I may be the first in my family, but I will not be the last.”
– Katherine, current student

“It means a lot to be a first-generation student in my family to attend college. Alverno is one of the best colleges that support students in the achievement of their courses. My instructors help me a lot to improve my knowledge.” – Angeline, current student

“Being a first-generation college student allows me to create new pathways for my family showing that all their hard work and sacrifices have paid off.” – Madilyn, current student

“Being a first-generation student means that every day you have to stand up for yourself and make your own way, as well as advocate for yourself.”  – Merub, current student

“I’m a first-generation student for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. It means a lot to me, especially since my parents are immigrants from Mexico and I’m proud that I’ve made this far for myself and for my family. Now that I have a daughter, it means even more.” – Yajaira, EdS graduate

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