Ahead of the Curve in Pharmacy School

No letter grades, frequent collaboration, hands-on experience, a tight-knit community of faculty and staff who care about your success, and a dynamic learning environment.

Sounds just like Alverno, right? It also describes the Medical College of Wisconsin’s School of Pharmacy, where Alverno alumnae Becka Anton and Emily Hansen are excelling as members of the first cohort of Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students, on track to graduate in May 2020.

“In the pharmacy school, we do a lot of group work, presentations and looking at our abilities and making sure that we’re well-rounded,” says Anton, who graduated from Alverno in 2013. “Both of us feel that Alverno has prepared us well for the pharmacy curriculum. We’re ahead of the curve.”

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) emphasizes educating the pharmacists of the future, preparing skilled professionals who are prepared to take on roles as researchers and primary care providers in addition to the more traditional role at a retail pharmacy. The pharmacist of the future, according to MCW, is someone who is part of a team of caregivers working together across disciplines to keep the patient at the heart and focus of their work.

“Pharmacists need strong communication skills to be able to work with other professions,” says Hansen. “Alverno’s emphasis on communication, problem solving and collaboration definitely prepares you for this new environment.”

Pharmacy Infographic 2019

Anton says Alverno helped her develop the confidence and know-how to get the most from her graduate school education. Where others might be quiet, she will ask questions and contribute to meaningful discussion.

“I’m not embarrassed to ask a question – I speak up,” she says. “I’m taking ownership of my education. I’m here to learn so that I can be the best I can be.”

Since Anton and Hansen enrolled in pharmacy school, Alverno and MCW have reached a partnership that allows for students to become pharmacists on an accelerated timeline and in a cost-effective manner.

Specifically, students can earn an Alverno bachelor’s degree and a MCW PharmD in just six years. If students meet MCW academic criteria during their undergraduate studies, they are guaranteed an admissions interview for the School of Pharmacy.

To learn more, visit Alverno’s website and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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